Grisha, 2015

Collection: ‘The Richness of the Nature we Destroy’

The symbolic behind this art project is that the skull symbolizes the core of nature’s richness. The importance
that is in its essential derived from the bone. To embrace this the collection includes the skulls of five
prominent animals. To enhance the strength of the animal kingdom the pieces were covered in 24 Carat
Gold Leaf. The skulls represent the death and the end of nature’s power, if mankind continues with
neglecting nature. By combining death and the end of this power, nature’s richness will be revitalized.
Rosewood hopes his series will create the realization that nature cannot be underestimated and is more
powerful than one can imagine and should be cherished and taking care of accordingly.

“Grisha” (Attentively) – Siberian Tiger:
The Siberian tiger is one of six subspecies of tiger alive today, and the largest member of the cat family.
This nocturnal hunter can be found in the cold forests of eastern Russia and northeastern China. Hunted
to near extinction for both sport and for their beautiful striped fur, these cats are themselves elegant hunters,
stalking their prey with a silent, stealthy crawl, until within striking distance.


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